September 15, 2016
VR/ Event

Come and experience the full-size battleship Yamato in virtual reality!

The Tokyo Game Show 2016 happened from September 15th to 19th. At the show, a company called WarGaming Japan showed a VR content called “VR Special Photozone YAMATO” which was made by one of our founder.
The content is based on the popular PC game, “World of Warships” and lets you get on the battleship Yamato in the virtual reality world that is the same size as the real battleship. You can aim the turret and shoot with the main gun by telling its direction with the controller.
You can also see yourself playing in the VR world and the actual play screen on the big 240-inch main monitor. Staff took pictures of people playing, and it was a popular photo zone.
Lots of people enjoyed the content and many media outlets reported on it. It was even more successful than expected.