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About Us

Our Story

ZENGA Inc. is a company based in Hanoi, Vietnam, in the field of Educational Games, which has many successful products known by many people such as Learning English with Bucha, Learning Japanese with Bucha…

In addition, we also expand to develop Entertainment Games, there are many products that have reached the top of US stores such as Color Me Happy, Paw Care…

We also signed a long-term development contract with a major US Game Publisher, and provide outsourcing service mainly for Japanese clients.

We are driven by values


Creativity is our core value. All members are young, creative, and eager to contribute. Everyone’s ideas will be respected and listened.

Technology is our lodestar. Our teams are very enthusiastic about researching new technologies such as AR, VR, AI, Blockchain…. The latest technologies will be applied and used to bring out the best solutions & products to our clients.

Unity Developers are the main force of us. All of our solutions are built on the Unity Engine, from games to AR, VR applications.




Ni Le