March 11, 2018
Ideas / Technology

The "Metro Hat" store in Roppongi Hills resembles a large rock from the famous anime series Hokage.

Naruto is a popular manga series that started being published in a magazine called Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999. It became really popular in Japan and other countries too.
The series was completed in November 2014, and to celebrate this, the first Naruto Exhibition was put on by Kishimoto Masashi. To get people excited about the exhibition, an interactive feature called “Magen: AR Hokage Iwa no Jutsu” was created along with an app. If people pointed their app at a Metro Hat and took a picture from different angles, it would look like they were standing in front of a giant Hokage rock.
The team who made the app worked hard to make sure the 3D model and textures looked realistic, and they used different lighting modes to match the brightness of the real environment. People could erase any AR images they didn’t want to keep, and sharing pictures of the AR rock on social media was a big deal.